Each Page
Has a Purpose

Track Journal™ is designed with symptoms in mind

Brain fog, fatigue, food sensitivities? We’ve got you covered. Each page is designed to add clarity about your unique journey and symptoms. Having clarity allows for focused adjustments towards overall well-being. Each day includes four pages of tracking to cover health, scheduling, nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Let’s check them out!

1. Top 3 Tasks

Bring focus to your biggest priorities for the day. Need help figuring out what those priorities are and how to schedule them? Download our free guide here. It’s full of step-by-step instructions, as well as worksheets to get you going.

2. Additional Tasks & Notes

A place for all of those extra details and To-Do’s. Tracking additional health metrics like heartrate and blood pressure? The extra boxes are a great space for that!

3. Today’s Mantra

A space for daily motivation. Write a message, quote, or doodle here. Add the inspiration before the day starts or save it ’til the evening as a space to reflect on the day that’s passed.


4. Schedule

Grid layout for easy scheduling (blue lines not included). Which do you prefer, planning in advance or filling out as you go? This space can be as set-in-stone or go-with-the-flow as you see fit. Whether your page is filled with absolutes or absolutely beautiful with colorful drawings. Use it in a way that inspires you.

5. Energy Levels

Tracking your energy highs and lows will help you plan more productively in the future. Always get an after-lunch slump? Avoid scheduling meetings during those energetic lows and try different lunch options to find foods that keep you balanced throughout the day.

Want even more tips as well as extra details for each section? Check out our Guide!

6. Sleep, Waking Mood, & Dreams

This space is for tracking dreams, the amount of sleep you’ve gotten, and any waking moods. You may even notice a correlation between certain lab levels and a repeated waking mood.

7. Meals, Sensitivities, & Feedback

There are several foods that may have a negative impact on your health. The quick reference icons of possible food sensitivities will help you easily see if you are consuming these foods more than you would like.

Rate how well you ate for the day as well as water intake, supplements and medications. The food feedback section is a space for any nutritional notes or redo’s.

Any connection between what you ate and how you sleep or feel emotionally? Track what you eat to find out!

8. Exercise & Area of Focus

Losing or gaining weight with a health disorder can be very challenging. By tracking your fitness and focus, you will have clarity on what areas need adjusted, as well as the progress you are making.


9. Check In

Anxiety, depression, and fear are just a few of the symptoms you may be experiencing. When we are deep into an emotion that has been influenced by our health it can be challenging to flip our perspective to one that better serve sus.

By checking in with any challenging thoughts or situations we may have experienced in the day, we can broaden our viewpoint and help shift our thoughts to a perspective that we can learn from.

10. Stress Relief & Daily Thoughts

What ways are you reducing stress in your life? This could include anything from removing a toxic friend to skipping caffeine or doing yoga.

Extra room is given for any additional thoughts from the day that you would like to include. This is a good space for any notes you may have from a counseling session, a doctor, or even a diary entry!

11. Success & Gratitude

Keeping track of your successes and gratitude can help ease depressive feelings and help gain confidence. Can’t think of anything successful from the day or to be grateful for? Start small and don’t worry; over time this will get easier.

Who knew that you could track so much on four small pages?! Now that you’ve seen the daily sections, let’s check out the other pages that make Track Journal™ extra special.

Build Your Dream Life
One Page at a Time

Refocus and reignite hope.
You deserve it.

Using Track Journal™ daily will help you take steps towards what matters most. Get clear about your goals and get back to what you’ve been longing for!

Goal Setting Prompts

Each journal includes four pages for brainstorming the life that you want and will help you figure out your goals for the next 30-days.

Lab Work and Symptoms Tracker

Having a realistic overview of where your health is currently is a great measurement for future planning. It may even influence what goals you set for the next 30-days. In the future, you’ll be able to look back and see whether your actions over the past 30-days have had a positive or negative effect.

30-Day Overview

Success is never a straight line. Heading towards your dream life means adjusting as you go. Each journal includes a 30-Day overview to reflect on the past thirty days and review where your progress is. Remember, there is no failure here. What we track is feedback!

Today’s a great day to get on Track!

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