Are you one of those people that prefers to organize and clean things out before moving, or after you’ve arrived at your new destination? Sometimes you don’t have a choice, as I learned when my husband and I moved our belongings into a storage locker in 2018 so that we could visit Canada (we thought) temporarily. Covid had other ideas. We finally got our ducks in a row to move closer to our new full-time jobs in Texas just a few weeks ago.

As I began unpacking and going through the belongings that had been in storage and hadn’t seen for close to four years, I found them—the plastic bins full of the Track Journal wellness planners I’ve used to track my own health since 2018. I truly was Track Journal’s first customer! (Learn more about my health journey and why I created Track Journal here.)

Although it sidetracked me a bit from unpacking, it was so great to look back and see all of the progress made and knowledge gained about my health and wellness over the years. Some issues I thought were all-consuming at one time, seemed benign in perspective. It was also interesting to see both consistencies and inconsistencies in my behaviors over time. The consistencies provided clarity and confidence in acknowledging my behaviors. For example, noting how I felt after eating certain foods and seeing trends led me eventually remove them from my diet. The inconsistencies provided room for thought and continued improvement. As humans we aren’t perfect, but we can certainly try to improve and live the best lives possible.

Even highly-regarded sources like Harvard Medical School and the US Department of Health and Human Services agree that part of an effective overall self-care plan includes keeping track of your health information ( ( Track Journal wellness planners can play a huge role in monitoring your overall health and wellness and provide valuable insights.

You won’t need to hold onto four years of Track Journals to see progress; you’ll notice trends and gain insights over a shorter period of time. Each Track Journal measures a 30-day period. I recommend starting with a 4-pk. Make Track Journal a part of your mind, body, and spirit management.

Track Journal™, a daily customizable planner, is a small wire-bound notebook for scheduling and tracking health + wellness. Track Journal is designed to fit your specific needs and works for ANY health-related tracking. Track Journal includes areas for:

  • Symptom Tracking
  • Blood Work Results
  • Current & Goal Lab Work
  • Brainstorming Questions for Goal Setting
  • Monthly Goals & Helpful Habits
  • Daily Tasks
  • Today’s Mantra
  • Daily Schedule
  • Energy Levels
  • Sleep, Waking Mood, & Dreams
  • Meals, Supplements + Prescriptions, Sensitivities, & Food Feedback
  • Exercise & Area of Focus: Cardio/Strength/Stretching
  • Daily Challenges & Flipping the Belief
  • Stress Relief
  • Daily Thoughts
  • Today’s Successes
  • Gratitude Journal
  • 30-Day Overview

Each journal includes a bookmark and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.

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