I have moved a lot. At one point, over a three-year period, I lived and worked in three different states. Along with the excitement of starting a new job and living in a new city, it also meant a new healthcare provider and primary care physician. Each time, my health insurance would change and I needed to start all over as far as finding a doctor and establishing a relationship.

The more we have moved around, the more disjointed our health record path can be. Sure, you can request your previous medical records, but things could slip through the cracks. I made the realization that I needed to manage my own health care and be my own health care advocate.

advocate for your health and wellness

It’s about paying attention. Not just to the meds and directions doctors give you, but also understanding why you’re taking them and whether you feel they’re working. It’s also paying attention to your body, noting any changes, and mentioning them to your doctor. How much and how well are you sleeping? What are you eating and how often? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough exercise?

Then, it’s about speaking up. Symptoms that may seem unrelated or unremarkable could be worth mentioning to your doctor. Tracking both physical and mental health observations over a period of time can also be revealing.

Why not create your own version of a patient medical record? Make Track Journal a part of your body, mind, and spirit management.

Track Journal™, a daily planner, is a small wire-bound notebook for scheduling and tracking health + wellness. Track Journal works for ANY health-related tracking (designed to fit your specific needs) and includes areas for:

  • Symptom Tracking
  • Blood Work
  • Current & Goal Lab Work
  • Brainstorming Questions for Goal Setting
  • Monthly Goals & Helpful Habit
  • Daily Tasks
  • Today’s Mantra
  • Daily Schedule
  • Energy Levels
  • Sleep, Waking Mood, & Dreams
  • Meals, Supplements + Prescriptions, Sensitivities, & Food Feedback
  • Exercise & Area of Focus: Cardio/Strength/Stretching
  • Daily Challenges & Flipping the Belief
  • Stress Relief
  • Daily Thoughts
  • Today’s Successes
  • Gratitude Journal
  • 30-Day Overview

Each journal includes a bookmark and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.

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