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and Reveal Well-Being

You are more than a diagnosis.

The symptoms you are experiencing are real.

You deserve to be heard and supported.

Revolutionize your health journey with Track Journal™

130 Pages / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Health and Wellness

Planner with Bookmark

Brain fog and other symptoms getting in your way? No matter what you try, you can’t get it right? Overwhelmed at the thought of managing your schedule, let alone your health? You are not alone.

Track Journal™ is a 30-day paper companion for self-validation and clarity. It will help you build an internal support system through listening to your body, emotions, and goals. Create support from the inside out!

This undated wire-bound daily planner has colorful pages and a matching bookmark. Use it for tracking thyroid issues, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, rehabilitation, and any other health-related needs for yourself or someone you are providing care for. Designed and made in the USA.

Track Journal™ features areas for:

  • Symptoms and Lab Work
  • Goal Setting
  • Daily Tasks and Scheduling
  • Energy Levels
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Food and Fitness Diary
  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs
  • Daily Thoughts
  • Gratitude and Success Journal
  • 30-Day Overview


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“I really love the journal. It’s been a huge support in my healing journey.”



Track Your Wellness
Improve Your Life

Build an Internal Support System

Track Journal is a tool for self-validation and clarity. By listening to your body, emotions, and aspirations through daily prompts.

Gain Clarity About Your Health

Track symptoms and lab work. Find out what foods ease or trigger your symptoms by tracking meals and medications daily.

Combat Brain Fog

Stay on track with To-Do lists on the included bookmark and have an extra reminder of where your progress is and what is left to complete.

Promote Gratitude and Wellness

Gain confidence, ease stress and depressive feelings through daily tracking in the wellness sections.

Develop New Tools

Your journey is unique. Unlock new tools through daily practice and make focused adjustments towards overall well-being.

Design the Life of Your Dreams

Bring focus to your biggest priorities through goal-setting prompts. Implement with ease in the daily scheduling section.

Today’s a great day to get on track!

“I’ll start once I feel better.”

Does this sound familiar? We often tell ourselves that once we feel better we will finally do what we’ve been putting off. We’ll prioritize ourselves when the motivation comes.

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait for motivation or for your ideal self to magically appear? You can start now. Small steps add up. Whether you’ve got 5 minutes towards a goal or 5 hours, you are worth putting time into.

Imagine what you can do with the right tools.

Every page has a purpose and is designed with symptoms in mind. It’s a small daily practice. A commitment to yourself. A way to grow your support system from the inside out.

It’s your journey and you are absolutely worth it.

Find out more about each page here.

“I love this journal! I enjoy writing in it and that makes me not forget or skip days.”


Easy Daily Actions To Help You

Evolve With Ease

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